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June 2017

Ruddy Highflyer - New Listing
Hebrew Character - New Listing
Nut-tree Tussock - New Listing
Speckled Wood - One photograph added
Orange Tip - Two photographs added
Clouded Silver - New Listing
Lunar Thorn - New Listing
Scalloped Hazel - New Listing
Pebble Prominent - New Listing  
Pale Prominent - New Listing
Small Engrailed - New Listing
Buff Tip - New Listing
Clouded-bordered Brindle - New Listing
The Flame - New Listing
Pale-shouldered Brocade - New Listing
Large Emerald - New Listing
Common Emerald - Two photographs added
Pyrausta purpuralis - One photograph added
Cinnabar caterpillar - One photograph added
Beautiful Golden Y - Three photographs added
The Snout - New Listing
Sharp-angled Carpet - Two photographs added
Riband Wave - One photograph added
Straw Dot - One photograph added
Drinker - One photograph added
Coxcomb Prominent - New Listing
Muslin Footman - New Listing
Grass Emerald - One photograph and a slideshow added
True Lovers Knot - New Listing
Barred Grass-veneer - New Listing
Orange Moth - New Listing
Barred Red - One photograph and a slideshow added
Double-striped Pug - New Listing
The Campion - New Listing
White Ermine - One photograph added
Dark Arches - One photograph added
Mottled Beauty - Three photographs added
Buff Ermine - New Listing
Broom Moth  - New Listing
Grey Arches - New Listing

July 2017

Brussels Lace - New Listing
Smoky Wainscot - One photograph added
Dotted Clay - New Listing
Buff Footman - Two photographs added
Swallow Prominent - New Listing 
Pale Straw Pearl - New Listing 
Chinese Character - New Listing
Single-dotted Wave - New Listing

August 2017

Twenty-plume Moth - New Listing
Lesser Yellow Underwing - One photograph added
Small Dotted Buff - Two photographs and one slideshow added
The Crescent - New Listing
Drinker - One photograph added

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